The way you hear some people online talk about Zillow, you’d think that there is nowhere else on the Internet to find properties for sale. Consumers will not panic on April 7 if your listings are not on Zillow, neither will your sellers (and you can always load them yourself). Because there is absolutely no need to panic. I won’t mention any names but we all know two other real estate portals that attract a lot of traffic. If Zillow were to go dark tomorrow, consumers would not skip a beat, the number of listings totaled at the end of the year would be the same, and the number of sales would be the same…and other portals might gain some traffic. The consumer hue and cry that Zillownians are preaching and predicting if agents, brokers and MLSs do not move expeditiously and sign direct feed contracts with Zillow, will not materialize. It is hype and fear being used to try and influence decision makers today.