When’s the Last Time You Talked To A House? — Using AI To Converse

Artificial Intelligence and the Talking House – Jeff Turner | International MLS Forum

As Moderator Joe Schneider said when introducing Jeff Turner at the inaugural International MLS Forum in Paris last December: “If you’ve ever heard Jeff Turner speak, he is one of the premier futurists in this industry, and every single audience that I’ve watched Jeff speak to, their jaw is quite literally in their lap.”

I agree with Joe. Whenever I see Jeff’s name on the speaker list at the many real estate conferences I’ve attended over the past few decades, I make sure to grab a seat up front.

That is why Jeff was selected as a keynote speaker to share his excitement and passion for the dramatic game-changer that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have on society.

Be sure to view Jeff’s entire presentation along with slides here:

Watch Jeff’s full presentation

Take aways from this 19 minute presentation:

  • Doubling down on Cooperation. Expand Cooperation amongst all players in the transaction – throughout the entire ecosystem
  • This industry is never more ripe for disruption.
  • Has to be a shift. Move from listing centric model to a property centric. Who do we partner with.
  • Data is the new oil. AI is the new electricity driver.
  • Why can’t that listing property description be written for me?
  • The future relies on cooperation
  • Strategically data is an asset
  • Cooperation requires trust. A race to trust
  • Strategy & go-to-market
  • Public relations & market perception – making money on top of the data vs money by selling the data
  • Our imaginations aren’t big enough to see what’s coming
  • Premium driven products
  • What should we be doing now?
  • Create a learning environment — build relationships, not walls
  • Create a diverse economic ecosystem

Jeff Turner’s Bio

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