Since the average term of homeownership can be somewhere between 5 to 8 years, realize that everyday is a marketing day and the easiest people to reach (and those most inclined to listen to your message) are those you already know.

Go through your personal address book. Call, mail, or e-mail everyone in your personal address book to let them know that you are now in the real estate business and that you would love to hear their advice and of course, if they know anyone who is interested in buying or selling, that you would appreciate if they mention your name. Don’t be shy about this. Don’t feel like you can’t “impose” on your friends. If your friends won’t help you, who will? Ask if it is ok for you to give them an update on your progress after your first year.
Learn the art and science of sales. There have been many good books written on the subject.
Understand persuasion and how it fits into your business.
Think of yourself as a “helper” (no one wants to be “sold” something). After all, you are helping people with what is usually their most valuable asset, their home.
To be effective in sales, you need the following:
Product Knowledge
Sales and Communication Skills
Access to Potential Clients
Perseverance and Commitment
And let’s not forget….
Enough money (capital) to get you through start up and the lean times.
Pay attention to the future…as someone once told me…”that is where you will spend the rest of your life.”
And keep the flyer box full 🙂