The power of an idea…that goes GLOBAL

The place…Paris, France

The theme: A gathering of high level professionals together in a historically romantic city, but the love is all about expanding the services of a multiple listing platform to the world.

The first international MLS forum was held in Paris France this past December  where top leaders met to share visions, insights and challenges of building and implementing a more seamless and accurate MLS system for better cooperation, higher exposure and better services to the consumer.

Leaders included Sam DeBord, from RESO, Guy Valkenborg of CEPI, Brad Inman, Saul Klein and a host of representatives,  industry providers and international dignitaries from a myriad of countries, all with a passion and focus on an MLS global network.

Presentations shared common goals for cooperation, collaboration, authenticity, transparency and higher efficiency in transactions as well as discussions regarding the process to implement and utilize standardization on a global level.

The event launched an exciting new focus and interest in establishing new collaboration and cooperation for the real estate industry with input from many countries seeking new ways to promote more operational excellence in real estate transactions.

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