The New Challenges of Real Estate Trainers

It takes an expert with boots on the ground to tackle the latest nuances in training with the ever changing, unclear and often confusing issues manifested due to the NAR/DOJ rulings when working with buyers and sellers.

Melanie McLane, a highly-in-demand Real Estate trainer, recently shared her insights into the challenges trainers, associations, teachers, and brokers face. They will need to be clear on these changes as they connect with their respective memberships.



In this session, Melanie lays out how agents must up their game to articulate their specific value to the transaction. In addition, she stressed the critical importance to carefully explain the process, terms and agreements that showcase the value of  working together, as required to gain and sustain buyer loyalty.

The key takeaways from Melanie:

  • That agents need to articulate their value proposition clearly to buyers and have open conversations about compensation
  • The DOJ lacks understanding of how the real estate industry works within the efficient marketplace it had created
  • Broker supervision and leadership is crucial – brokers need to provide regular training, accountability and support
  • Agents will need to get up to speed and practice with confidence the new scripts, to explain the full process and terms for the entire transaction

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  1. Melanie is a trusted resource for trainers in the Real Estate industry on how to help agents with this ever changing, unclear issues with the NAR/DOJ mandates.

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