John and I have been saying for the last 2 years that the battle over data sourced from MLSs is really just recently engaged, and that portals will be seeing more restrictions on data from MLSs, and maybe even have to pay, in some way, for the data, or for the pipe that collects it and brings it to them.

Broker visionary Gary Keller (Keller Williams) added some fuel to the Industry’s position. As that position begins to take shape, it has the potential to create a paradigm shift in the way consumers access real estate data.

As Joel Barker states in his book Future Edge:

“When a paradigm shifts, everyone goes back to ZERO. Your past success guarantees nothing, when a paradigm shifts.

Your past success may block you from success under the new paradigm.”

He tells the story of the Swiss, their dominance in watchmaking, and the Swiss watchmaking industry moving from 65,000 watchmakers to 15,000 in five years.

On page 27 of the Swanepoel TRENDS Report, Gary Keller states that one of today’s key trends is the battle over who will provide the public with their listing data.

“Real estate agents and brokerages across the country are waking up to the reality that the current online listing marketing solutions aren’t going to be the ultimate answer. Why? Because the Internet “by definition” wants to be a disruptor, and every day more and more attention is being drawn to the concept of disrupting the industry through how data for consumers is provided. This will not go away until the war is won. The outcome isn’t decided at all, and brokerages are beginning to realize that if they don’t step up and become the solution that they will at some point become expendable. I believe the ultimate customer portal will come from within the industry.”

The battle is not over…Thank you Gary Keller.

The  goal is to help the industry develop the ultimate customer portal and generate rich amounts of customer data in the process.