1. Protects your name – only one person in the *world* can own your name on the Internet. Make sure that person is YOU and not someone else who just happens to share your name.

2. Represents you and your business with its own identity on the Internet – your “Cyber Presence.”

3. Makes it easy for your clients and customers to find you on the Internet. All they have to do is remember your name.

4. Demonstrates to your clients and prospective clients that you are up to date with Internet technology and recognize its importance. More importantly, that you are ready to communicate with them online.

5. Allows you to “centralize” your Internet Web and E‑mail communication under one domain name – in a way that is fast, easy and inexpensive.

6. Gives you a PERMANENT E‑mail address. Never be held hostage by an ISP again. You can now pursue the fastest, most effective connectivity without worrying about changing your E‑mail address and all the notices that entails – changing your business cards, signs, stationery become inconveniences of the past.

7. It’s a great advertisement for you every time you send an E‑mail or point someone to your Web address – your own form of “branding”.

8. Assures you will have the Internet identity you want when you want it…even if you are not yet connected to the Internet. Grab it before someone else does.

9. Makes you appear as big and professional as some of the well-known companies – it helps to level the playing field.

10. Becomes the cornerstone for your unique “brand” on the Internet.

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