Technologies and Trends Powering MLSs – Speaker Spotlight on Mathew Kallumadil, VP Technology Stellar MLS

Today’s Speaker Spotlight focuses on Mathew Kallumadil, VP of Technology and Innovation for Stellar MLS out of Orlando, Florida  with over 84,000 customers.

Mathew spent 7 years working with MLS issues in both Canada and the US. Prior to that, he was a technology consultant with IBM. When Mathew first worked with the real estate industry, he was shocked at how the technology programs were so backward — the data was fine but the interfaces were well behind the times. Fortunately, the development of standards and the advancement of AI technologies gave the industry the opportunity to elevate the caliber of their programs, and become an early adopter of AI..

Mathew was a panelist at two sessions of the International  MLS Forum in Paris. and it is likely he will be a speaker at the next Forum in the fall of 2024. In the following clip, Mathew addresses how to deal with the many MLS vendors who seek review and adoption of their products. A key point is that the MLS already has the TRUST of the members who collect the valuable data, and with that trust comes plenty of responsibility.

In this next clip on the issue of Interoperability, Mathew tells a story of how the RESO Standards enabled a young developer to create a data product with community benefit that otherwise would not have happened due to huge costs  — and this project presented a community solution for visually impaired consumers to hear listing data and ask questions being powered by Amazon’s Alexa products.

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