SourceRE President Bill Fowler interviewed by Terri Murphy

Meet Bill Fowler:

It is not often that we get the insider info on the powers behind the rise and deployment of technology in the real estate industry.  One of those powers is Bill Fowler.  With a career that started and endured for 12 years as CMO at Solid Earth, Bill was well placed among the earliest pioneers of the evolving of web-based MLS software.

He went on to join Zillow as a founder of the Industry Relations Team and then at Compass where he spent four years growing their brokerage influence at NAR, the Top 50 MLSs in both the USA and Canada.

Earlier this year, Bill became the founder and president of SourceRE, a subsidiary of to build and maintain independent databases and data management services to MLSs.

Join me as Bill shares how MLSs growth and management continues.

Click here for the interview with Bill Fowler & Terri Murphy

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