What is RealTown Labs Accelerated DesignLab 

RealTown Labs Accelerated DesignLab is a joint venture with PredictionWorks, Inc. The laboratory is an environment with tools, models and processes that accelerate for start-up and emerging companies’ product invention, market adoption, financing and business building challenges 50% to 300% faster than conventional means.

On the Cutting Edge

RealTown Labs Accelerated DesignLab partner, PredictionWorks, Inc., is the second licensee of the GroupGenius™ suite of human performance technologies with the license covering start-up and emerging growth companies.  This GroupGenius™ human performance platform has been implemented since 1998 with Fortune 500 companies by the first licensee, Cap Gemini, in 24 Accelerated Solutions Environments (ASE) worldwide.  Over 1,000 events have been conducted with over 50% of the clients being repeat customers.  54 of Fortunes Top 100 companies are now using Cap Gemini’s ASE environment. The proven tradition of GroupGenius™ makes it possible for months of work to be reduced to just hours or days.

What Goes on in the Accelerated DesignLab 

            Assessments.  Realtown Labs offers a powerful due diligence tool for assessing a technology company and its market.  This tool is called the New Venture Accessor and was developed by our partner, PredictionWorks, Inc. It covers the seven most critical areas of investor inquiry.  Each critical area has over 15 levels of inquiry.  The tool has over 1,000 best practice indices that are measured.  The process results in a index rating for each of the critical areas of inquiry.  This tool was tested as 100 percent reliable in 10 double blind backdated manual-based validation tests in Silicon Valley by Wilson Sonsini, Hitachi Consulting and FSX.

DesignLab. A powerful and integrated application of GroupGenius™ and the New Venture Assessor is DesignLab. Through DesignLab, the invention process increases in acceleration and accuracy 4x our conventional methods. Currently RealTown Labs is serving as “home base” for RealTown Labs invention work for build-to-flip technologies.

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Build-to-Flip Inventions. One significant application of DesignLab is called the “Build-to-Flip” application (“B2F”). In this B2F model, DesignLab is used to invent a technology component that incumbent companies “got-to-have” for their core systems and these incumbent have neither the “time” or “talent” to invent themselves-so they will pay millions to own outright the B2F technology RealTown Labs has invented.

What Stakeholders Should Expect From A Realtown Labs Accelerated DesignLab Event 

  • What if…
    • You could get all of a project’s stakeholders to not only talk about inventing a breakthrough technology, but to actually develop it together?
    • You could unleash the full potential and creativity of a team, key suppliers, customers, and subject matter specialists all at once?
    • You could accelerate all phases of discovering, designing and developing a build-to-flip technology reducing months to weeks to days?

You can do this and more. At Realtown Labs Accelerated DesignLab, we combine our world-class and patented decision-making process, innovative workspaces and unique best practices models to enable a team of innovators to discover, design and develop a build-to-flip technology.

  • Participants can expect that event sponsors and facilitators are on the “same page” about goals, tactics and timelines.
  • Participants can expect read-ahead materials. These materials are important. They ensure everyone has adequate context before going into a DesignLab event.
  • Participants can expect professional and experienced Group Genius® facilitation on DesignLab days.
  • Participants can expect the unexpected once DesignLab starts.
  • Participants can expect the finest models, processes and tools for maximum creativity.
  • Participants can expect that proper discovery and design constraints have been thought-out in advance by facilitators.
  • Participants can expect that the best practices of Group Genius® will be followed.
  • Participants can expect that there will probably be breakdowns during DesignLab before there are any breakthroughs.
  • Participants can expect that there will be first-class capture of information and ideas generated during DesignLab.
  • Participants can expect that DesignLab will move all the stakeholders in the right direction for accomplishing the goal of DesignLab, namely

Inventing for an incumbent provider/supplier a technology component that the provider/supplier considers a “got-to-have” core part of provider’s/supplier’s product or production systems and the provider/supplier has neither the time or talent to invent the technology component themselves.


Methodology Flyer – click this link