San Diego Association of REALTORS®


Structural changes are taking place in every aspect of the workplace.  The real estate industry is not an exception.  The way our members sold real estate 10 years ago is not the way they sell it today and the way they sell it today is not how they will sell it ten years from now.  Their market, job description and needs are being transformed.  Driving forces and concepts affecting and threatening our members and our associations as they currently function include:

Board of Choice

Public access to the MLS

Agency liabilities

Loss of MLS to outside entities, which results in loss of MLS income

Buyer Brokerage/Broker Buyer Brokerage/Broker Compensation

Alternative revenue sources

Decreasing membership


Staff driven Vs volunteers drive, the dynamics of changing leadership

Added value, more for less

Dealing with the “I want it all, I want it now, and I want it for nothing” syndrome

Decrease in available volunteer time as time becomes more valuable and the membership shrinks

But in every threat lies an opportunity, an opportunity to ride the forces of change in the direction in which it is already headed, and reaping the benefits.


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