Real Estate Data Standards

Real Estate Standards Organization – RESO

The RESO Fall Conference, 2023 is in the books.

My greatest takeaway, and I have been around MLS for decades:

MLS is complex, and not for the faint of heart.

And the work RESO is doing is truly amazing…a real community of volunteers and staff working in the best interests of the MLS Industry, with Data Standards as the foundation.

In 1995, prior to the launch of REALTOR .com. the REALTORS Information Network (RIN) brought the concept of standards and what it could mean to a very fragmented collection of some 1000 independent MLSs across the US as they began to introduce new technologies to the real estate industry. The solution recommended and created in 1995 was the start of what was generically referred to as a “Data Dictionary.” RIN called it DxM (for Data Exchange Method).

RESO has succeeded where NAR “lost the bubble.”

My heartiest congratulations to RESO Volunteers and Staff. Time to take this global, especially to those who have not yet created their MLSs in their local markets. The savings to many will be immeasurable…from consumers, to brokers, to agents, to vendors, to portals, to governments.

Data Standards are a game changer.

See you in Paris.

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