There is a way for marketing and media companies and websites to participate in the real estate compensation food chain without participating in the transaction (they don’t need to be in the brokerage business). Their task is to build the trust and confidence of consumers, entice them to “play on the portals (even when consumers are not interested in buying or selling real estate). Portals (media companies) must, by whatever means, control the “upstream” and they will become the owners of the space as the consumer “First Point of Contact.” This is now taking place. It has the potential to alter the biggest time sink in the business, prospecting. Prepare to pay for this convenience. The next step is seeing two distinct brokerage models…those with their own upstream strategy and technology, and those that have to plug into the big players that win the battle for eyeballs. Of course whoever wins, needs your MLS data to day to get to their ultimate goal. At some point watch for them to be able to guarantee ROI on the leads they sell, based on the consumer behavioral data they accumulate. Want a lead with a 99% close probability in 30 days? That will be $3000. Or would you prefer a lead with a 50% probability of close in 60 days for $100? Remember this…Leads with guaranteed ROI.