Official Notice from the San Diego Regional MLS (18,000 Subscribers and Participants)

Dear Brokers,

As you may know, the relationship between Zillow and ListHub ends on Tuesday April 7th.  If your listings are going to Zillow by some means other than ListHub, this does not affect you.  However, if you have been using ListHub, your listings will no longer be going to Zillow on the 7th.  Sandicor has been in the process of implementing a replacement syndication system and negotiating an agreement with Zillow that would offer substantial benefits and protections for you and your listings along with protections for Sandicor, in the event you elected to send your listings to Zillow.  While our syndication system is being put into production, our negotiations with Zillow have not resulted with an acceptable agreement between us.

Please know that the terms of the agreement were developed by a fifteen member Broker Group, representing a wide variety of brokers, from a 2 person office to our largest brokerages.  All were unanimous in the terms developed, which included protections for the listing data, brokers / agents and Sandicor.  The terms are very similar to other licensing agreements we have with IDX vendors and other vendors.  Unfortunately Zillow was not agreeable to those terms and appeared to be unwilling to consider much beyond their terms.  We revised the agreement such that we felt we addressed some of Zillow’s issues, at which point we were told they didn’t have the legal resources available to discuss it any further.  We then tried to negotiate an interim agreement, which also was not successful.  While Zillow does not have the resources to negotiate with us at this time, we have not given up and will endeavor to work on an agreement that is acceptable to all parties.

We will continue to keep you updated as we work further on an agreement.