Legal Pulse

There’s a great new real estate risk management resource available on The National Association of REALTORS® Legal staff recently introduced the online quarterly Legal Pulse Newsletter “where law and statistics come together to keep you informed on real estate liability issues.”

The first edition of The Legal Pulse examines three areas where licensees can face liability – agency, property condition disclosures, and RESPA, as well as some employment issues that can cause legal problems.

There is also a short video by NAR’s Senior Counsel, Finley Maxon, who discusses the First Quarter 2014 Legal Pulse Newsletter. This video covers highlights from the newsletter, including cases and statutes related to Agency, RESPA, Property Condition Disclosure, and Employment Issues.

AND, here’s a bonus for you Legal Eagles out there:  a great resource of references and Internet links to state by state sample legislation and administrative regulations addressing legal topics of interest. The NAR/ARELLO Archive is a compilation of new types of laws collected over the past few years.  This resource is helpful to guide states that may want to adopt similar laws in their state. There is a Table of Content by State and By Topic. Note that there is a pretty powerful “Enter Search Term” feature – for example, enter the term “procuring cause” and enjoy!

These resources should give us all some help with our Risk Management practices.

You can also find Risk Management issues discussed in the Facebook Real Estate Risk Management Group managed by Frances Flynn Thorsen. This is a closed group (875 members) so you’ll need to ask to Join Group.

Be careful out there!