NAR Settlement Agreement in Class Action Lawsuits

Breaking news:

After lengthy negotiations behind closed doors, NAR and Plaintiff attorneys signed a Preliminary Settlement Agreement on March 15, 2024.

Copies of the Settlement Agreement and related NAR informational commentary are included here:




A growing number of industry thought leaders were publicly suggesting NAR go the settlement route rather than favoring a long and expensive appeal.

In fact, two days ago, Saul Klein posted here on TDA: “Will NAR be able to form or communicate a holistic go-forward legal and business strategy to conclude a settlement that is financeable, containable and enforceable, or will it risk the results of appeal?”

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  1. Thank you for all of the straightforward information so that we can read without bias. I have listened and read everything I can find and am shocked at the reactions that start to blame and criticize entities which are not the issue, revealing political partiality and lack of self evaluation and frankly, truth.

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