In an effort to prepare our organization(s) for the “next 100 years,” this PAG submitted its Second Draft Report at the Association Executives Institute on March 13, 2014, in Baltimore.

The PAG considered many issues and decided that NAR should create Mandatory Core Standards for associations to attain and maintain in order to maintain their Charters as Associations of REALTORS.

The effort is focused on making the organization stronger, and providing members with consistent expectations of what it means to be a REALTOR, no matter the local or state associations to which you might also belong.

Recommendations for Association Competencies include:

Code of Ethics, Advocacy, Consumer Outreach, Unification Efforts and Support of the REALTOR Organization, Technology, and Financial Solvency.

To learn more, the Draft Report is available here.

NAR PAG Organizational Alignment

This effort reminds me of the NAR Management Models Document of years past. Here is a chart showing the three models.

NAR Models Document