MIT Social Media Summit – June 10, 2021

Social Media Summit

I listened and viewed the entire Social Media Summit program yesterday, and it was one of the best programs I have ever attended. Relevant, on point, authoritative, and timely.

All of the speakers were ready and spot on. Sinan Aral did a great job keeping the conversation on track, tying points together as we moved through the day. I have never attended an MIT event before, but my expectations of MIT is that it brings the best. I was not disappointed by this program.

Watch the whole thing if you can.


The Social Media Summit @ MIT (SMS @ MIT) brings together the world’s leaders in social technology to examine one of the most critical and compelling issues of our time – the impact of social media on our democracies, our economies,
and our public health — with a vision to craft meaningful solutions to the social media crisis. Social media has become a dominant force for information flow in modern life – it is now a major channel for social interaction, political communication, and commercial marketing.

This rise of social media has fundamentally changed the world’s information
landscape from a comparatively small number of information producers (e.g. news networks) to large numbers of
producers, distributors, and receivers. This democratization of content production and distribution has had a profound
impact on how people understand the world. Not only has the volume of information increased, but with the removal
of gatekeepers on distribution, the diversity (and thus variation in quality) of the available information has also
increased. This has both positive and negative impacts on individuals and society.

The purpose of this event is to
understand the impact of social media, revisit public policy frameworks that will best govern this impact, and craft an
agenda going forward about how to achieve the promise of social media and avoid it’s peril. Key topics include, Reviving
Competition, Rescuing Truth, Restoring Speech, Humanizing Design, Enlightening Business Models, Ensuring
Transparency, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Antitrust, Freedom of Speech, Political Polarization,
the Rise of the Splinternet and the Integrity of our Elections

View the 8 hour program at  MIT Social Media Summit

See Agenda: Agenda

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