Lesson Plan For The Future… “Foot Traffic Ahead 2023”

Attacking Housing Affordability while addressing sustainability, and social and climate equity is everyone’s responsibility.

Foot Traffic Ahead 2023, is a study and report by Smart Growth America and Places Platform LLC which will be released on January 26th (embargoed report available on the 25th).

It is all about land use and land use policies:

Taking a “Unified View” of real estate at the “Place” level.

Bringing more transparency and reducing risk to all, around valuation (you can’t trade what you can’t grade”).

Defining and measuring volatility, price premiums, discounts, and future valuations.

Land use and land use policies have been changing for hundreds of years and will continue to change. Transportation and consumer preferences are major drivers of this changing landscape.

Old land use policies have failed us in many cases, and action to change the conversation has begun (California passed SB 9 and 10 last year).

How do we make housing more affordable?

We reduce the cost of the largest component of the cost of housing, the land.

How is that accomplished?

By moving the needle ever so slightly around density.

And this is a big take away…it is not about wholesale change.

This report is a treasure trove of insights.

Stay tuned. (Message me for a summary of the report)

Walkable urbanism will provide as fruitful an economic base for the 21st century economy as drivable sub-urbanism did for the late 20th century and will be far more environmentally resilient by enabling lifestyles that use far fewer carbon emissions via less per-capita household energy use and emissions from driving.

Plus, walkable urbanism can improve quality of life and economic opportunity for low-income households, with high opportunity jobs, civic, and recreational facilities in close proximity to home without requiring the expense and hassle of car ownership.

However, walkable development can only be built with appropriate infrastructure, zoning, and financing mechanisms at the federal, state, and local levels, increased skills and experience by the real estate development community as well as continued community outreach and support for walkable urban development.


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