Information is the currency of the Twenty First Century, and Jeff Bezos has taken another step forward in online publishing and three-dimensional marketing with his purchase of The Washington Post. What we may now begin to see will be traditional newspaper content used in the sales process, if Mr. Bezos is successful.

The devil will be in the detail and execution…But that is nothing new and the results could be revolutionary. Especially as entities continue to collect information on what we like, what we do, what we read and what we think.

Think about every noun (person, place, or thing) in any/all articles in The Washington Post potentially linked to more information and sales for products and services mentioned directly or indirectly in the articles. The four key elements of successful marketing are that the marketing be frequent, anticipated, relevant, and personal. The marriage of these two entities, Amazon and The Washington Post  (granted, under separate ownership) will allow for amplification of these four key elements in a way never seen before. It is exciting to think about the possibilities.

The Newspaper Industry has been on a downward spiral over the last 15 years. The Newspaper Industry failed to identify and utilize use the power it possessed at the dawn of the Web to carve out its place in the future. This is a critical lesson for the real estate and MLS industry. Determine and utilize your strengths today, to secure your place in the future.

Three dimensional marketing and linking to additional information has been around since the creation of the Web. What is different here is the degree to which it can be done, in a timely and relevant way. When the CEO of a leading, innovating, technology giant personally purchases a major brand newspaper in the DC market, the possibilities stretch one’s imagination.

For example, consider each Section of the newspaper as a product or service category (Sports, Business, Homes) which can lead a reader/consumer through a series of clicks to a purchase.

Maybe The Washington Post will be looking for a syndication data feed to go along with its online “Home” Section.