In 1995, exposing lots of listing information to consumers, by any means, was not a popular way to conduct one’s real estate business. At the time, WWW advertising was brand, spanking new, and had many unknowns. Below are three PowerPoint slides from my original presentations on Internet Advertising of Real Estate. The first two slides are amusing. The numbers seemed large back then and are very small numbers by todays standards. The third slide states the “warnings.”

The warnings from 18 years ago,accurately predicted the future.

Slide One – What is Internet Advertising?

  • An inexpensive new medium
  • Accessible by 20,000,000 users
  • Exists now, wave of the future

Slide Two – In what form does it currently exist?

  • Over 4000 current real estate “sites”
  • Each site offers few listings
  • Number was less than 200 9 months ago
  • Site sponsors:
  • Newspapers/magazines
  • National and regional brokers
  • Non traditional R.E. organizations

Slide Three – Why should I be concerned?

  • Continued fragmentation will weaken one of our strongest assets, our inventory
  • Continued fragmentation will allow non traditional services to gain a foothold
  • Non traditional services are not necessarily “REALTOR Friendly”

What is Internet Advertising
Original Internet Advertising Presentation Slides