If you are interested in the true story from someone who was there and part of the conversation and the execution…

The REAL Realtor Dot Com and Rin Story…

From the beginning…before listing appeared on the Internet in any quantity.

It was June of 1995 and there was no REALTOR Dot com and REALTORS were the first industry to place their inventory online for public display. It didn’t happen all by itself…there was an “Advance Team.”

There is a long story behind the makings of REALTOR DOt Com and all of the money, politics, and even some wrong doing. I had a front row seat to the entire affair as the only REALTOR Consultant on the RIN Team.

This is a “Marketing Thoughts” piece I wrote to the RIN Team for placing Listings on The Internet in June of 1995. I called it National Advertising and this was the first document created for NAR on this subject.

I don’t think that Bob Goldberg had yet joined the RIN Team. When he arrived, he was my responsibility to train.