Happy Veterans Day.

It is actually tomorrow, but many observe it today.
It was an honor, privilege, and duty to serve in the greatest Navy in the world, with many great shipmates and lots of memories. Like landing helos on the flight deck with my friend and shipmate, Lee Foley, Ship’s Boatswain.
Have you ever sailed through a typhoon?
How about four typhoons?
South China Sea – Winter of 1973 – USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39)
We were carrying a lot of heavy equipment in the Well Deck, and as I recall, a lot of it broke loose.
You could not sleep for days…and just walking down passageways and up and down ladders was often a challenge. She had a “flat bottom,” amidships aft. Sailors know what that means. An LST traveling in company with us lost one of her bow doors.
And lots of Liberty in Subic, Taiwan, and Hong Kong with my shipmate and good friend, Andy Porter (RIP).

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