Getting the Trainers prepared for Change with Dynamic Directions CEO & President, Adorna Carroll

The myths, mis-facts and muddling of the latest mandates from the NAR/DOJ Lawsuits continues.  So how does the leading “train the trainers” expert help the trainers work with agents and associations to clarify, confirm and connect?

Adorna Carroll, is the CEO and President of Dynamic Directions facilitating an extensive faculty of international consultants, trainers and speakers.  She is also the powerhouse behind numerous residential designations and certification courses for NAR and REBI (Real Estate Business Institute).  Her influence and guidance in the real estate industry is legendary as are her endless list of awards, and recognitions, which places her in the elite group that understands the many nuances of the real estate industry and the rules and regulations that govern the profession.

In this interview, Adorna shares her candid insights and observations on what trainers need to do to navigate the rapidly changing environment and offers suggestions on what trainers need to do to prepare and pilot through the uncertainty as the clarification of the new changes will demand from real estate professionals.

She explains how the ongoing NAR/DOJ lawsuits have created a whirlwind of myths, mis-facts, and confusion. These legal challenges primarily address the issues of transparency and fairness of real estate practices, especially as it addresses commission structures and disclosure requirements. The recent mandates  focus on new initiatives designed to enhance consumer protection and promote fair competition within the industry. Adorna emphasized how this rapid pace and the unclear interpretations of these changes will require trainers and real estate leaders to need confident and clear direction to shift and implement the right actions and corrections to the daily business at hand.

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