The first presentation was done for the Austin Association Board of Directors on black and white acetate overheads, which no longer exist. The first color set of overheads continue to exist in our archive. They were printed for me by Richard Janssen in the RealSelect Office the night before Richard and I flew to Detroit to demo to Kevin McQueen and the MLS he headed in 1995…I think it was the new RealComp.

The PowerPoint slides drilled down from the map of the US to the individual properties and agents as follows:

First Slide – HomePage – Displayed with an earlier post.

Second Slide – “Select the State for Your Home Search” – A map of the US with several locations pin pointed, but the only listings in the system at the time were through the San Diego MLS, Sandicor. The other pin points displayed were the expected pilots.


Third Slide – “Select the City for Your Home Search” – Since the only listings in the system were in San Diego, Slide 3 showed California, with 3 dots…San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.The only location with listings was San Diego.


Slide 4 – “Select area of San Diego for Your Home Search.” Here you could drill down by “Area.”


Slide 5 – “Select area of San Diego for Your Home Search” – Here you could drill down to community level.


Slide 6 – “National Association of REALTORS Home Search” – Enter property search criteria.


Slide 7 – Search Results


Slide 8 – Individual Property Showcased


Slide 9 – Office Showcased