Once again the first quarter of the year has passed, and as we have done for the past 10 years or so, John and I will summarize events of note, April1, 2016. This is an election year and we have breaking political news, as well as THE major stories in the real estate industry, which is where we will start…

The Perfect Storm:

In a blow to the real estate industry, President Obama issued an Executive Order today, effective immediately, eliminating the employment status of independent contractor in a number of industries, including the real estate industry. This represents a paradigm shift to the current model of real estate sales. All real estate licensees will become employees of their broker, have the right to organize and collective bargain, receive health care coverage, retirement plans, and be paid minimum wage.

In another major blow to the Real Estate Industry, the U.S. Department of Justice, today filed a complaint in federal court, naming every MLS in the U.S. as Respondents. The complaint alleges, among other things, actions involving conspiracy, accusing the MLSs of per se violations of the Sherman Anti Trust Act, as facilitators of illegal collaboration between competitors. “New online technologies, companies, and innovation make the structure and purpose of MLS obsolete” stated a DOJ representative, who agreed to speak with us with assurances of anonymity.

And for the Hat Trick, Google announced that it is returning to real estate in a big way, opening its “National Listing Service” to the public, and purchasing Move, Inc (the operator of REALTOR.com) from Rupert Murdock.


But that’s not all, keep reading!

If you ever wondered what Google planned to do with all of that “white space” on the search page, now you know, they are offering a free listing service, allowing real estate offered for sale to be advertised on the Google Real Estate Site, for free, launched off of the Goggle Search Page. Consumers are waking up to Google Real Estate…It will offer disrupting tools and applications to change the way real estate is bought and sold, virtually eliminating fees to buyers and sellers. This will redefine the role of the real estate professional, and fill the gap should the DOJ take out MLSs, as mentioned in an earlier story.


And, the world of politics leaves nothing to the imagination.

Our inside source has informed us that at 3:00 PM, EDT, Donald Trump will end his campaign and quest for the presidency of the United States. It is rumored, amongst those in the know, that Trump and Ted Cruz have struck a deal. In return for Trump resigning from the race, Ted Cruz, if elected, will build that wall Trump has been promising, along the border with Mexico. Ted Cruz, in turn, promised Donald Trump that he would deliver him the contract to build the wall, and Trump will be allowed to put the Trump brand on the wall, which will be able to be viewed from space. Masterful positioning, negotiating and branding by The Donald.

Also at 3:00 PM, EDT, we are told, the Department of Justice will issue indictments against Hillary Clinton, 27 different Causes of Action. Hillary could not be reached, but President Bill Clinton responded: “What difference does it make? She is the only one of the four remaining candidates prepared for the job of President. Are you going to let trust get in the way?”

Bernie Sanders was asked for his comments, but he could not be reached, taking the week off to celebrate Purim with his family.

And lastly, Jesse Ventura, and Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that they are running as President and Vice President respectively on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket. When asked why they decided to run, they responded that this is the year for outsiders. Hulk Hogan will serve as Secretary of Defense.

It is an amazing world and an amazing time, and once again we are happy to bring you the news, April 1, 2016.