Prior to the launch of RIN and at the National Association of REALTORS® Annual Conference in Atlanta in November 1996, there were a number of important reports commissioned by NAR to assist in the creation and implementation of RIN. We’ve included these reports in the RESOURCES tab you will find on the top of this blog (along with the Technology Timeline to give you some perspective).

NAR President Bill Chee appointed a Presidential Advisory Group (PAG) on MLS Technology Applications in the spring of 1993 entitled The Future of MLS.

The PAG was charged “To assess the current trends in technology applications to real estate….especially as it extends to or includes MLS information delivery systems. To make recommendations concerning what actions the Realtor family should take to assure that it maintains control of MLS systems whether used only by the brokerage industry or as it may be provided directly to the public.” Its stated Vision: “That the Realtor is the primary provider of all information needed by a consumer in a real estate transaction.”

NAR contracted with EDS (Electronic Data Systems, Inc) to provide the business plan and contracted with Gallup for the market research. Also, the main MLS vendors offered their input to the NAR business plan regarding the future of MLS – “MLS Vendor White Paper”

I also remember something about Arthur Young and in fact, they may have done a study and report for NAR as well, but I have not been able to locate any documentation.