Dot WEB (.WEB) sold at auction for $135 million on July 29

First, it was the new Top-level Domain (TLD) .APP that was acquired at auction for a $25 million bid by Google; recently it was .SHOP that was won with a $41.5 million bid from a Japanese company.

And now, the contentious battle among 7 companies who applied to operate the .WEB suffix has ended in a winning bid of $135 million, with speculation that the winning bid was backed by .COM operator Verisign. For that kind of money and contention, the domain market indicates that .WEB could be even bigger than .COM

So, who gets the $135 million? It goes to ICANN, who has now banked over $235 million as a result of ICANN’s last resort auction mechanism that is used when several parties applied for the same suffix but were unable to resolve this contention by themselves.

And what will ICANN do with all this auction money? Good question! See