With over 100,000 .REALTOR Top-level domains on the Internet, NAR is mapping out a consumer awareness campaign aimed at letting consumers know that the way to find a trusted source in real estate is to look at the web address. A theme of the campaign is this: “After all, if it isn’t a .REALTOR web address, how does a consumer instantly know they are working with a REALTOR®?

The first commercial aired on North American United Airlines flights throughout May. The Internet is changing. It’s becoming more organized and industry-specific. This video shows consumers more about the new Internet, how it’s changing, and how .REALTOR is making it easy for consumers to find trustworthy real estate information online.

More information about the Dot REALTOR TLD is available at www.About.REALTOR

Among the benefits are 1) Consumer Campaigns — NAR will have consumer campaigns to educate the public about the .REALTOR web addresses as a source they can trust to make the biggest financial decision of their life; and 2) Positioning REALTORS® with a competitive edge in the online real estate space by enabling the opportunity for future innovation. Example: Creating .REALTOR search engines, making it easy to locate REALTORS® and real estate services.

Only REALTORS® may claim a .REALTOR domain – it is what is known as a restricted domain. To claim a .REALTOR domain, go to www.Claim.REALTOR — NAR is offering each member a free domain for one year. When purchasing more domains, you can receive a 10% discount on your order by using this Promo Code word:  discount