Control Your MLS Database — Message From Legendary David Charron

Speaking on the Trends Powering MLSs Innovation Panel at the Inaugural International MLS  Forum in Paris last year, David Charron humbly introduced himself as “I used to be someone, now I’ve moved from  WHO’S WHO to WHO’S HE?”

I’ve seen David appear at many industry conferences, and he is skillfully informative. He and I have chatted about the hysterically funny line that David used when he took to the speaker podium following the finish of Saul Klein’s pumped-up, super-excited, animated speech that generated riotous fits of audience laughter. Rather than the typical line “Well, that’s a tough act to follow,” David quoted the classic line from the movie When Harry Met Sally, namely “I’ll have what she’s having!” (see clip in Related Links).

In today’s Speaker Showcase video, we highlight some of David’s keen insights.

Some of my takeaways:

  • The first person out there isn’t necessarily the best…we all improve on each others’ solutions and learn from their successes and mistakes
  • Most important business decision MRIS was to have complete control over the database so didn’t want that database to go to some 3rd party whose business model might  go under some change. Be the “first in line”
  • Trust is the Currency of our Business
  • If your MLS vendor introduces a product that wouldn’t impact 5% or 10% of your membership, it’s probably something you should not support. The “shinny object syndrome.”
  • Increasingly seeing Boards that are inviting outsider directors with specific areas of expertise.
  • Once you invest in technology, you don’t just stop, you keep investing
  • Now with Standards in place, it is easier to invest more readily, to acquire new software rather than build it yourself

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With seasoned insight, Moderator extraordinaire Bill Fowler (Modern.Tech) adeptly guided the panel discussions about critical issues in the MLS and PropTech world.

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