We are looking for opportunities that will allow us, for our remaining work horizon (3 to 5 years for the right projects), to best utilize our industry contacts, expertise/wisdom, and goodwill from tens of thousands of favors, for the benefit of our clients and ourselves.

We are a loosely organized group of seasoned, likeminded Industry professionals seeking to maximize our high presence assets and Intellectual Property in a potentially synergistic manner with a few entities looking to innovate and deliver value on its way to IPO.

Use of our Services:

Use one of our services, or use all…

Our Resumes available at:

Each or all four of us may provide services as follows:

Friendly advice – We provide counsel and expertise based on time availability and how well we like the entrepreneurs and the product. We may provide some access to our contacts as a demonstration of our capabilities.

Compensation – Perhaps an invitation to participate in the “Friends and Family” round should the company go public.

A deeper relationship and understanding of our capabilities and strengths and the benefits we can bring to the client can result from the above. Specific projects can emanate from the above, resulting in compensation for services and efforts provided.

Paid Advisors (behind the scenes “Brain Trust”) – Weekly or monthly conference calls. Availability. Assist in strategies and opening doors. Office visits and staff training.

Compensation – Options

Executive Advisors (public) – One or all of our names as advisers to the company officers and executives. Our names become part of the message to investors, to Brokers, MLSs, and Associations. Access to decision makers.

Influence – just our name will add credibility, and if we lend our name to too many, it decreases our credibility…

  • Introductions
  • Strategies
  • Ear on the Street
  • Publishing and content creation, online community involvement and expertise
  • RealTown Population of 200,000
  • Financials
  • Compensation – Cash and options.

Employee (At some point in the future, there may be employee opportunities at the company, for any or all members of our Team) to accomplish any or more of the above.

Members of the company in an executive, editorial, community, business development area

Compensation – Salary and Stock