Will the big real estate portals become the “first point of contact” and the “trusted source” in all matters real estate?

I received a nice email trom Trulia the other day, and it got me thinking… As prospective buyers and interested sellers, and just everyone in general…continue to visit ZTR, the tens of millions who do not buy today (this year, next year)…if they identify themselves (register) on these sites, they will be marketed to in the way a REALTOR might market to a sphere of influence for future business. Here is my recent experience:

I registered on Trulia (using a special email address I made up for Trulia so I can track what happens to that email address). I then searched and played on the site. I received a neighborhood information piece from Trulia the other day (about 30 days after my last activity on Trulia).The e-mail (newsletter) was informative, nicely done, with statistics on the area…something a REALTOR might send as part of a drip campaign. I expect I will continue to receive them. It is a good tactic, imo, for Trulia. The listing information today, fills their pipeline of leads in the future, which they can make available to their paid customers. This interaction over time, providing relevant information to consumers who begin to rely on the site will build trust and confidence, which is the foundation of all relationships…offline and online. “Information is the currency of the Twenty First Century” alvin toffler