If you haven’t read Brad Inman’s perspective on the creation of RIN and REALTOR.com, he adds a great amount to the narrative. RIN/REALTOR.com was an incredible opportunity for Inman News, and Brad knew how to maximize the opportunity.

He wrote almost daily about RIN and REALTOR.com back in the mid-nineties. He was a journalist and his job was to unveil and expose the dark side, and yes, there was a dark side. We mentioned it in a few of our previous posts. Brad was a busy guy.

Every day Bob Goldberg, Perry Morton, Roy Rainey, Carl DeMuz, Walt Backowski, Jack Harper, John Reilly, and to a lesser degree Richard Janssen, and I would discuss what we read on Inman that day and how it compared to reality from our perspective in the trenches.

Everybody was reading Inman back then!


Here is my take. In the mid-1990s, NAR formed the Realtor Information Network as a major technology initiative to win the minds of the Internet consumer. When all but RIN’s home listing piece fell into financial disarray, a brash, young and smart entrepreneur, Stuart Wolff, took it off the NAR leadership’s hands at a bargain price. But he left NAR with a good chunk of equity and, through a tight operating agreement, some control of the company’s fate. – See more at: http://www.inman.com/2013/07/25/the-full-catastrophe/#sthash.hF55Docl.dpuf