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Zillow and its Zestimates…Oh, the Irony!

First (10/18/2021)   "Zillow slams the brakes on home buying as it struggles to manage its backlog of inventory."   Then (11/2/2021)...   "Zillow says it’s closing homebuying business, cutting 25% of workforce; earnings miss estimates."   Now this is irony.   Zillow,...

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What has NAR ever done for us?

When I hear this refrain, my mind goes right to this Monty Python skit from the Movie, "Monty Python and The Holy Grail."   What have the Romans ever done for us, besides...   The Aquaducts   Sanitation   Roads   Education   Irrigation   Wine   Order   Fresh Water  ...

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The Future of MLS

There is no substitute on the horizon for the gathering, cleansing, maintenance, and dissemination of real property inventories that can replace the current MLS system.

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The Data Advocate

Data needs a voice, and that is why we decided to create this blog. We will be bringing you conversation and resources that we believe are relevant to the Data Conversation playing out in the real estate industry today…so bookmark us and come back often.

– TDA Team