Artificial Intelligence — A Magical New Reality: AI and You

Today’s Speaker Spotlight focuses on Akhilesh Majumdar, co-founder and CEO of Styldod Inc, the company that operates

Akhilesh utilizes a powerful slide presentation to illustrate how AI can employ MLS data to power the consumer experience and gain more insights into listing data.

Here’s a 3 minute clip that illustrates  his mantra: ‘Seeing is Believing’.  And, he notes that the MLS audience has the power to make dreams a reality, and consumers are desparately wanting MLSs to use AI.

In the full 16 minute presentation, Akhilesh illustrates the key AI models that are used to embed routine experiences within real estate listings. The main building blocks for AI are now in place, such as:

  • Gaussian Splatting: Imagine splatting paint on paper, and it turns into 3D shapes!
  • Segment Anything: Spotting and outlining anything, even the never-before-seen!
  • Recognize Anything : Recognizing any object without ever being trained to do so!
  • Inpaint Anything: Text to image but only within the mask!
  • LayoutGPT: Turns your ideas into Visual Layouts using GPT4
  • HyperDreamBooth: Personalize text-to-image models with your face…or, better yet, furniture from a brand catalog or even photos you’ve taken from the store

Still, AI has Challenges:

  • Ai can be Biased – if the prompt is for office secretary, it may show only white women
  • Ai can mispresent – AI can not only battle, it can defeat!
  • Ai needs massive amounts of Data – Privacy, Security, IP Rights, Regulatory and 3rd party agreements
  • Ai is super-expensive – requires collaboration

And he quotes from Arthur Clarke that “Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic”

Here’s the full 16 minute session:

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Short clip of Akhilesh speaking at another Innovation panel at International MLS Forum:

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