Apple sees the value in the new Top-level domains, and joins the ranks of many major brands recognizing that the new Internet addressing system launched by ICANN 2 years ago is starting to take hold in the marketplace.

The registration policy found on Apple’s website tells a lot about the importance Apple places on being the registry operator for the Top-level domain .APPLE that it acquired about the same time that NAR acquired its Top-level domain .REALTOR

“Only Apple can register or use .Apple domain names.  .Apple domain names will be used to provide simple and intuitive navigation to Apple, while signifying a trusted namespace.  Because of this Registration Policy, Apple customers can be assured that if they see a domain name with .Apple at the end, they can better trust it is from Apple.

A TLD is the highest level of a domain name (like ‘.com’ in the domain name) and generally represents the purpose of the domain name (like how ‘.com’ generally is used for ‘commercial’ websites). Apple was authorized by ICANN, the global regulator of Internet domain names, to be the registry operator for the .Apple TLD. As the registry operator, Apple will manage and set certain policies for the .Apple TLD, which will be used exclusively for Apple-owned websites.

Apple is the registry operator for the .Apple top-level domain.  This Registration Policy covers who is allowed to register .Apple domain names and how those names can be used.”

In an unrelated scenario, Apple even sees value in securing their brand in other Top-level domains that are relevant to their core business. We know all about the Apple watch, but did you know that there are rumors flying around concerning Apple’s interest in the automobile industry what with their registration of Apple.Car, Apple.Cars and Apple.Auto

As noted in, “the speculation around an Apple car has been happening in earnest over the last year. And although Apple hasn’t officially confirmed that it is working on an automobile, its hiring moves and statements by executives make it clear the company is at least somewhat interested in the transportation space.

So the domain registrations could just be Apple protecting is trademark and brand across the new .cars, .car and .auto top-level domains (TLDs). And Apple is already in the auto space with CarPlay.

Still, the registrations add more fuel to the rumors that Apple is totally going to come out with a car.”