MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

REALTOR Property Resource Can become an Integral Tool for REALTORS

What is the best strategy (some may say “a” strategy, but I contend “the” strategy) to motivate REALTORS to use…adapt, adopt, rely…on RPR, a robust, but underutilized asset (maybe still on this side of the Chasm), to fulfill the vision for which RPR was created?

Answer: Integrate RPR with the most important tool of all, MLS.

Here is the “pivot” Brad Inman speaks of…instead of a strategy of partnering with all of the MLS vendors…why not just build an MLS product and offer it as part of an RPR MLS Solution? From here the vision of creating an ecosystem of innovation is possible…more possible than it is today. This was our vision at Point2 before we were purchased by Yardi in 2010.

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